Bristol Airport launches plans for substantial improvement in public transport and customer experience

Bristol Airport has announced plans to advance the establishment of a brand new state of the art multi million pound Public Transport Interchange (PTI) facility.

The PTI will offer significant passenger benefits. It will transform the public transport arrival and departure experience.

The PTI will make getting to and from the airport much easier. It will offer a new taxi rank and a taxi service reception. It will also offer new pedestrian routes and vehicle access along with electrical charging units.

The terminal itself will be a much more enjoyable experience before boarding your flight. There will be more food and beverage offerings as well as improved toilet facilities.

Getting to and from the PTI and the terminal will be super easy. There will be a covered walkway and a dedicated building which will encompass a passenger concourse.

The PTI will be located next door to the terminal on the west side and south of the hotel (where the drop and go zone currently is). This will supply passengers and staff with convenient access to the terminal.

The plans for the upgrade have been submitted to North Somerset Council. If approved, construction is expected to commence shortly afterwards. This will help Bristol airport get to its goal of becoming carbon neutral for direct emissions by 2025 and a net zero airport by 2050.