Centreline partners with Air BP to provide sustainable aviation fuel

Bristol based private jet aviation business, Centreline has partnered with Air BP to supply sustainable aviation fuel to its jets from its facility at Bristol Airport.

Centreline has invested in the infrastructure required to deliver sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as part of the companies commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its flying operations, with their own target of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2025.

The sustainable aviation fuel is blended with Jet A1, the usual fuel used to power jet powered aircraft, which allows the fuel to be used with no differences in ground handling requirements, changes to the aircraft or any changes to fuel efficiency in which the aircraft are using. Even the journey the fuel makes by road to Centreline’s facility at Bristol Airport is carbon offset.

The SAF will reduce aircraft lifecycle carbon emissions by around 80% compared to traditional Jet A1 fuel that is replaces.

Gus Paterson, Chief Operating Officer at PASL and Centreline’s Accountable Manager, said:

“Our partnership with Air bp is a sustainable step forward for the PASL group as we remain committed to playing our part in reducing the impact aviation has on global carbon emissions. By offering our charter clients a SAF option we are making progress in being a carbon negative in air operation by 2025, as well as providing our FBO clients with the opportunity to make sustainable choices when refueling in Bristol.”

With aviation currently accounting for 2% to 3% of manmade global carbon emissions, Air bp were the first fuel supplier to have into-plane fueling operations certified as carbon neutral, and were involved in fueling the first SAF flight by an airline in February 2008.

Air bp’s long-established supply chain has delivered SAF to 18 locations over three continents and the lifecycle carbon emission savings are calculated to the point fuel is delivered to onsite airport storage facilities.