easyJet to help nervous flyers conquer their fear this April

As part of a series of UK-wide fear of flying courses, easyJet will again take to the skies this April with a special experience flight from Bristol.

According to Anxiety UK more than one in ten people in the UK have a fear of flying – although other surveys have put the figure as high as one in six. This type of experience has been credited with helping many to overcome their fear.

easyJet’s Bristol one hour experience flight is scheduled for Saturday 27th April at 10.30am. It will take place on one of easyJet’s Airbus aircraft with an experienced crew. In addition to the dedicated team and the two pilots in the cockpit, an additional pilot will be in the cabin with passengers providing a reassuring live running commentary. A relaxation session is part of the pre-flight routine.

easyJet promise that the experience is more than just the flight. Passengers will be well-prepared with a virtual online ground course and a meet the team one hour zoom session a few days before take-off.

The flight experience costs £219 and you can book directly on easyJet’s website at https://www.fearlessflyer.easyjet.com/about-course/courses.php?location=bristol&date=2024-04-27