Ecojet appoints Chief Operating Officer ahead of summer launch

Ecojet, which hopes to launch regional services in 2024 from its base in Edinburgh, has this week announced the appointment of seasoned aviation executive Rebecca Borresen as its Chief Operating Officer. The start-up carrier will initially launch traditionally-fuelled flights this summer using a fleet of ATR 72 turboprops, before transitioning to a split fleet including hydrogen-powered 19-seat aircraft by mid-2025.

Borresen joins Ecojet with over 13 years’ experience in similar roles at firms including Gama Aviation and Specialist Aviation Services, and will form part of a team led by Peter Davies and Brent Smith. Ecojet recently undertook a recruitment drive for front-line staff based in Edinburgh, having made headlines last winter for its deal with ZeroAvia and MONTE which saw it acquire 70 ZeroAvia hydrogen powertrains split between the ZA600 and ZA2000 models for introduction between 2025 and 2027. The airline also filed its CAMO application with the UK CAA in January 2024, forming the first part of Ecojet’s certification process.

Cotswolds-based ZeroAvia is suppling Ecojet’s hydrogen-electric powertrains. Photo: ZeroAvia

The carrier is backed by Ecotricity founder and self-styled “green Richard Branson” Dale Vince, who pledged an initial £1 million of his own money to the venture last July. Speaking in November, Vince said that, “This is big news. Carbon-free, guilt-free flying is just around the corner. We don’t have to give up flying to live a green lifestyle or to get to Net Zero as a country,” adding that, “Although aviation is responsible for only a small part of all emissions, it occupies a far bigger space than that in our psyche”.

“The hearts-and-minds’ value of this new opportunity outweighs the carbon issue significantly. It shows that everything we need to do, can be done, with a low to zero carbon footprint. And that’s a big encouragement to us all.”