Icelandair integrates its domestic and international flight operations

It has been reported recently that from March 16th the the route network of Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect will be integrated into one route network under a single brand, Icelandair has said the reason for this unification is to ensure that a sustainable future for domestic operations in Iceland and the West Nordic region is achieved whilst also strengthening and simplifying the company’s core operations.

Local destinations around the stunning island of Iceland including Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Ísafjörður, and Vestmannaeyjar will be visible and bookable on Icelandair’s website through one simple search, one ticket and a connection to the route network across Europe and North America.

Bogi Nils Bogason, the CEO of Icelandair commented: “The integration of Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect is an important step that will contribute to a stronger and more streamlined airline and improved air transport across our domestic and international route network. This is a complex project that we will take in steps. That’s why we put great emphasis on clear communication with customers and open dialogue with key stakeholders around Iceland about how we will ensure the development of domestic flights with the value and experience of our customers in mind. In the long run, as our domestic flights become more visible in Icelandair’s booking engines we hope to see our customers from Europe and North America connecting to domestic destinations across our homeland.”

After the process of integrating the flights and routes is complete, all domestic and regional flights will be operated on Icelandair’s FI flight numbers.