New Cotswold Airport Spotting website launched

Back at the start of November we officially launched a new spotting website dedicated to Cotswold Airport, the new website known as Cotswold Airport Spotting has been launched to provide accurate, up to date and informative information on aviation and spotting at Cotswold Airport.

The new website was originally started during the Covid-19 lockdowns that occured in the UK mixed with the huge amount of arriving aircraft into the facility, across social media groups and forums spotters were asking similar questions, where is the best location to go, how do I get there, what aircraft are there, and so on. The idea was born following the success of a similar website for Bristol Airport.

Our new spotting website includes information on weather, latest sightings, arrivals, storage lists, spotting locations and much more. Our aim is to grow the website to include more information and resources, we are already working with a number of on-site exhibits to give some promotion through our website.

To find out more and browse our new website head over to