New startup Global Airlines takes to the skies

We always get excited when new startup airlines are announced, and Global Airlines has been one we have kept our eye on. We understand the airline will never operate out of Bristol Airport or Cotswold Airport but we wanted to cover a momentous day for the airline.

When Global Airlines founder and CEO, James Asquith, acquired his first A380 and announced his long haul airline aspirations, even the most optimistic aviation enthusiast had questions. However, last week his dream took a step closer to reality.

I personally have been following the Global Airlines story closely as I have always loved the A380. My question is why this aircraft? When so many other airlines have or will opt away from the four engined wide body.

Last week, at Mojave Air and Space Port in the Californian desert, the dream took a huge step closer to reality. Global Airlines took its first test flight with the ex-China Southern aircraft now registered as 9H-GLOBL, completing a few successful circuits. James Asquith described it as a “special moment” on his Instagram.


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Due to my love of the A380, I really hope Global Airlines have lots of success and we get to see this unique piece of aviation remain in the skies for many years to come.