We have been organising aviation based events at various locations around Bristol Airport since 2014, these events have been very successful for the aviation enthusiast community and the general aviation community of pilots. We have outlined on this page some of the events we have organised and their success.

Aviation Fairs 2014-2016

Our very first aviation fair took place in September 2014 within the administration building, or old terminal as its more informally known, at Bristol Airport. The main event was held within the Bristol room which was once part of the main airport terminal and offered stunning, panaromic views across the apron, taxiways and runway. A view not that common anymore at airports in the UK. The first event was a success and working closely with Bristol Airport we were allowed to expand the event to have more exhibits and more visitors.

Over the course of the 4 events that took place the event grew to a very popular event that was held each September, our last event was in September 2016 and was attended by over 1000 visitors, had 22 exhibitors and raised nearly £1000 for the airport charity. Representatives from BBC Radio Bristol, Bristol TV and Bristol Post attended and featured the event on TV and radio.

In total we have raised getting on for £2000.00 for charity through the aviation fairs we have held, had thousands of visitors from adults and children and all our exhibitors have been very happy with the turnout and number of sales each one had. The airport, who we work closely with, was also very happy with the exposure the airport was getting and the community being built.

Spotters Days 2018-2019

With the decommissioning of the administration building at Bristol Airport it was no longer possible to hold large aviation fairs due to reduced space inside and outside the venue, working with Bristol Airport we devised a new event that was on a much smaller scale but allowed enthusiasts to attend a spotters day held in the same Bristol Room as before, along with the same stunning views of the airport and the action going on.

During the spotters days visitors were able to listen to an update and talk from Bristol Airport Police on their work and how the aviation community can get involved with assisting with their work, the numbers were limited at the spotters days to keep in line with the airports requirements for the events, but each spotters day was another great success with many happy enthusiasts.

Our last spotters day was held a few months before the building was removed and allowed us to get some photos of the old terminal for future reference.

SkyDemon Tips & Tricks Evening

Working with Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club we organised a tips and tricks event for the pilot software SkyDemon held at their Bristol Airport facility. Attendees to the event were given a very useful session on how to use the software, how to get the best from the platform and an opportunity to have a say in its development and changes.

Visitors to the event included student pilots, current pilots and aviation enthusiasts with an interest in the software. It was a popular event with the club house of the flying club being full to capacity, we are hoping to organise and hold further events with SkyDemon at Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club.