Bristol Airport during storms Eunice and Franklin

Over the past week we have had a series of Atlantic storms wreck havoc on the UK due to a powerful jetstream sitting over most of the country, this jetstream then directs wild atlantic storms our way. The first storm named Eunice arrived on 17th/18th February 2022 and was one of the most powerful storms to hit the South of England since the great storm of 1987.

Wind gust speeds reached 122mph as recorded on the Isle of Wight, millions of people were left without power across affected areas, and many homes had sustained damage.

Aviation Youtuber Mraviationguy was at Bristol Airport to capture some of the landings and departures during storm Eunice and captured some brilliant footage, to see all the videos from the storm visit Mraviationguy on Youtube.

Shortly after Storm Eunice, Storm Franklin hit the United Kingdom, originally named on 20th February 2022 the storm hit the country on 21st February 2022 with winds hitting between 60-80mph, still causing damage to trees and buildings as well as disprupting flights and causing dramatic landings and takeoffs from Bristol Airport, another great video captured by Mraviationguy: