Bristol Airport review of 2020 and the look forward to a better 2021

When we look back to the start of the year 2020 nobody would have imagined the impact that the Covid 19 virus would have affected our lives and the airline industry .

Who would have thought we would be living in lockdown restricting our movements, staying at home to protect the NHS?

Bristol Airport transformed from very busy times, to a tiny number of flights mainly for corporate and business. The COVID mass testing centre emerged near the Bristol and Wessex flying centre .

easyJet and Ryanair received a 600 million pound corona virus loan to help the two airlines get through their darkest times. Many jobs have been lost during the pandemic especially in the airline industry, pilots, cabin crew, airside operations, airport security and many more .

To help the people working in the aviation industry and other industries while their jobs were on hold the government came up with the furlough scheme, this would give people 80% of their usual income while they did not have an income.

Although very difficult times remain, the good news is that after many months, the Government have decided to listen to calls from the Industry to make it compulsory for arrivals and departures to have a negative COVID test to travel. Hopefully this will help to kick start a revival when restrictions allow.

Late last month CEO of Bristol Airport, Dave Lees commented

“The aviation sector has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and Bristol Airport, along with airports across the UK, has never had the opportunity to recover. Today’s Government announcement is a welcome relief during what continues to be the most challenging period in our history.

“However, since the Government’s original rates relief announcement at the end of last year, the outlook for 2021 has worsened significantly. It is therefore crucial that today’s announcement is just the first step towards restarting the sector and safeguarding the connectivity and prosperity of the South West. We will continue to highlight the urgent need for more significant economic support and importantly a clear roadmap to recovery. When the time is right and travel restrictions ease, Bristol Airport will be ready to provide the essential air connectivity to Europe and beyond again, which is what our customers are telling us they want.”