Bristol Airport trials electric bus to reduce emissions

Bristol Airport working with Cobus Industries, is trialling an electric bus as part of the South West airport’s aim to become Net Zero by 2030. The electric bus can carry up to 110 passengers and will carry passengers between the main terminal building and awaiting aircraft.

During the trial the operating benefits of the vehicle will be studied and used to compare to the existing fleet of fuel powered vehicles.

COBUS Industries CEO, Patricia Vasconcelos commented “We are all living in a fast moving, noisy and frantically busy environment and are facing enormous challenges in all areas of our private and professional lives. One of the busiest places for both business and private trips are the airports, conglomerates of different cultures and personal needs. Today’s challenges in terms of sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies are intrinsic goals for airport authorities, airlines and ground handling companies. The team of COBUS Industries, manufacturer of the COBUS airfield bus, is following this movement with large ambitions and high motivation to offer passengers the best possible comfort in our COBUS airfield bus and help our customers to drive their ambitious goals towards environmental protection, sustainability and future-oriented technologies on airports. We are therefore very pleased and proud that our valuable and long-term customer Bristol Airport is willing to test our fully-electric COBUS and to continue our partnership.”