Cotswold Airport moves British Airways Boeing 747 Negus into final position

Cotswold Airport has announced that they have moved the retired British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-CIVB “Negus” into its new final position on a purpose built apron pad located behind the main control tower on the airfield.

The aircraft is being preserved at the airfield after being saved from the scrapman by Cotswold Airport CEO Susannah Harvey who has bought the aircraft to be used as an events venue, aircraft exhibit and for all to enjoy. We understand from posts from the airfield CEO own social media posts that the new apron pad built for the aircraft was an expensive project that allows the aircraft to be the centrepiece of the airfield for many to enjoy.

You may be wondering how the aircraft was moved, following photos posted it shows the aircraft was taxied into its new location along the taxiway in front of the hangars housing airfield flying school aircraft and offices, the taxiway needed to be widened using temporary roadway platforms allowing easy access.

We look forward to visiting Negus soon and getting onboard this iconic aircraft.