Cotswold Airport takes steps to become carbon neutral

Cotswold Airport is planning to use new low carbon solar panel technology for its aim to become carbon neutral. The organic thin film solar panels will be installed on the roofs of the hangars during the early part of 2022.

The installation of the solar panels will allow green hydrogen to be generated which can power hydrogen electric aircraft which the airport plans to operate from the airport.

Cotswold Airport CEO, Suzannah Harvey commented it was a “significant step” on the Cotswold based airport’s journey to decarbonise and produce “clean energy” whilst also improving the energy efficient of the airport.

Cotswold Airport has signed an installation contract to produce 226kw with Solivus, a green energy company based in the UK. Solivus CEO Jo Parker-Swift commented that using technology to decarbonise buildings was “central to combating the worsening climate crisis. With this project we are excited to have the opportunity to decarbonise both aircraft hangars and air travel simultaneously.”

Also located at Cotswold Airport is the aviation company ZeroAvia, who are working to produce the HyFlyer 2 which is a full hydrogen electric powered aircraft that can carry up to 20 passengers, it is believed Cotswold Airport will be the first airport in the world to use new technology to operate green aircraft where its engines emit just water.

Exciting times ahead for Cotswold Airport, ZeroAvia and the aviation industry.