easyJet Holidays sees surge in bookings by 250% for Summer 2021

easyJet has reported that bookings for Summer 2021 are up 250% on bookings made last year, this spike is helping to fuel easyJet’s hope of an increased demand for air travel once lockdown restrictions across the country ease.

With tougher lockdown rules currently across Europe, the closure of air corridors, and uncertainty about travel now that the UK has left the EU, has piled even more pressure on the airline industry at the start of 2021. Currently May is proving to be the most popular month for going on holiday.

Earlier last week the aviation industry called for ministers to ensure that they have a plan in place for when Covid-19 restrictions can be eased,  Travel corridors have been a lifeline for the travel industry when they were introduced back in the Summer of 2020, as struggling holiday companies and airlines saw a spike in bookings for destinations added to the list.

Karen Dee the chief executive of trade body the Airport Operators Association, supported the decision to remove travel corridors but stressed the need for a clear pathway out. Karen told BBC Radio 4, “We’ve had the worst year in the entire history of our industry, so the sooner we can get flying again safer, the better.”