New regional aircraft for Sky alps visits Bristol Airport

Due to launch in late 2021 after many interruptions, Italian airline Sky Alps will take to the skies with its two DHC-8-Q400s. The aircraft will be based in Bolzano (Italy) to destinations in Germany, Spain, and different areas of Italy.

This two-airplane carrier will be based in Bolzano, in the Trentino-Alto Adige area of Italy’s north, in the territory of South Tyrol. The Bolzano air terminal, known as Flughafen Bozen or Aeroporto di Bolzano, is found 5.1 km south of downtown Bolzano.

The air terminal is so little to the point that it just has four registration counters, two doors, and one transport line. Thinking about the little air terminal and the two airplane airline, this “littleness” is the thing that Sky Alps is advertising as a strength-which will take into account speedy and realistic tasks.

The two aircraft are in fact ex Flybe aircraft, this is great as a new airline will welcome new jobs for the industry.