New temporary grounding of the Boeing 737 Max

U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing said it had recommended that 16 airlines flying its 737 Max planes address a “potential electrical issue,” a replacement setback for its top selling model.

Major carriers began temporarily removing a number of their MAX planes from service after the aerospace giant flagged the electrical issue, which isn’t a priority for all of the aircraft. 

The potential problem requires “verification that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electric power system,” Boeing said.Electrical systems must be grounded to avoid overloads which will cause serious failures.

At Bristol Airport we had an unexpected arrival of a Tui airways 737 Max from Manchester airport, which we know will be grounded here until the summer most likely.

Boeing have not said any detail of what type of 737 Max has been temporarily grounded so we don’t know if the one here at Bristol is or isn’t the one being temporarily grounded.