Own your very own piece of aircraft history with Doors2Manual

Each year many aircraft are retired by airlines due to their age or number of rotations and sent for part out and scrap, the valuable parts of the aircraft comprising of the avionics, engines and landing gear are extracted to be reused on other aircraft of the same type and this leaves a shell of an aircraft.

Innovative company Doors2Manual saw a gap in the market for aviation memorabilia and collectables in the form of aircraft parts that members of the public can purchase, up until now these parts were often not easily available to purchase by the general public, but through the creation of this new business and website by one of the owners, Drew Hanna, customers now have access to a wide range of aircraft parts, collectable items and souvenirs that is taking the aviation enthusiast industry by storm.

During the lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic many people found themselves at home browsing the web, businesses like Doors2Manual were an ideal outlet and many items have been sold to paying customers including window cuts, aircraft skin squares, catering boxes, in flight carts, safety cards, skin sections and so many more items. Customers include enthusiasts, pilots, cabin crew or anyone with an interest in aviation or wants a piece of aviation history in their life.

Before creating this article we purchased our own item, a Britannia Airways Boeing 757 safety card, it arrived in perfect condition and is ideal for the avid Boeing 757 souvenir collector.

When browsing their website you will find a treasure trove of items waiting to be purchased, alot of tempting items are available. One of the popular items lately are window cuts which many pilots and cabin crew have purchased and repurposed into wall mounted items in their homes. Many of these customers have come up with innovative ideas to add new life to the unique aircraft items by creating beautiful, unique designs including clocks, pictures and artwork.

Don’t miss out, visit their website to see some of the great items on sale. We guarantee you will find something that is just waiting for you to purchase!

Visit their website at https://www.doors2manual.org/ or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/doors2manual/